The great diversity in the current transport offer has led to a fragmented mobility market that can sometimes be inefficient, congested or disconnected.

Users do not have access to plan, book or purchase trips through a single platform and cannot combine their travel preferences. In addition, waiting or arrival times are not updated in real time or available for a specific location.

What does Meep’s


mobility app offer?

Our Mobility as a Service platform eliminates the complexity of downloading numerous applications from different transport operators.

Meep combines different modes of transport on a single platform to create a cohesive and frictionless mobility ecosystem, reduce the cost of urban travel and increase passenger numbers through more efficient connections that improve multimodal accessibility and encourage public transport.

A single integration allows micromobility operators to be available in multiple locations simultaneously.

Route planner

Public transport and micro-mobility platforms have the potential to become a more competitive alternative to the private car by means of personalised multimodal routes.

Our route planner is able to combine different modes of transport, both new and traditional, in a single application, allowing micro-mobility operators to target a larger number of users. Features: 

The integration of public transport services
The integration of on-demand transport services, shared transport, and micro-mobility options
The integration of other operators and services 

planificador de rutas
pago micromovilidad

Integrated payment platform

Our platform increases user accessibility to micro-mobility operators by enabling them to book, use, and pay for the vehicle using a single platform, and in combination with other means of transport.


 Validation: Pre- and post-payment using QR codes, integration with the operator’s CRM, and an API tariff system.
Flexible booking system: Integrated with the ticketing system.
After-sales management with a centralised help system for users. The incidents are handled by each individual operator.

Meepath: Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

MeePath is a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics tool that allows micro-mobility operators to make better decisions to increase the efficiency of their business operations. 

• Route optimisation: Geolocalisation and geographic heat maps, most frequent routes…
• Fleet management with real-time information
• Mobility data integration and management: Usage metrics, recommendations, and demand projections

Integration process of a mobility operator

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