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The Basics


How does Meep work?

Meep is a mobility platform. Our smartphone apps connect users with all the means of transportation in the cities where Meep operates. Use your Meep app to get from A to B . We will provide you a list of journeys according to our classification (Meeper, Faster, Cheaper and Eco-friendlier). When you request a journey, your app will display an estimated time of arrival, the cost of the journey and all the steps that you need to follow to get to your destination, such as: available tickets, transfers and updated information of the modes of transportation. Your app provides all the details on the different modes of transportation that compose your trip. When you arrive at B (destination) and exit the last mode of transportation, your trip ends. Your fare is automatically recalculated and charged to the payment method you’ve linked to your account. Use your app to enter your favorite destinations anytime.

How are Meep’s results classified?

Our classification is based on the following criteria:

Meeper for those journeys that are multimodal and personalized for your preferences;
Cheapest for the ones that have the lowest cost per journey;
Fastest for the ones that have shortest estimated time of arrival;
Eco-friendly for the ones that involve more sustainable options for the environment.

Customizing Meep

Your suggested routes could be personalized according to your transport preferences. You can enable or disable certain modes that you don’t use in the main menu under “My Meep” section. Alternatively, you can create your favorite locations for your home , work , gym , etc.

Nearby options: Meep bottom

To see and book all the nearby available means of transportation, tap the bottom located in the lower right side of your screen . The different transportation options are divided in the next categories:


1. Transit. For all the mass transit options, such as: bus, metro, ferry or tram.
2. On Demand. For all the options available on-demand, such as: taxi and hailing services
3. Sharing. For all the options that are organized under a sharing framework, such as: bike, car or moto sharing.

What is multimodality?

The trip that is formed by several means of transportation is a multimodal trip. Our Meeper category comprises multimodal trips that are the best combination of modes between the rest of the categories.

How do we calculate ETA?

Meep app provides you a list of different routes available, each one with a different ETA. Please note that ETA times are estimates of our search algorithm and are not guaranteed. Many factors can impact travel time.

Cost of the trip

The total cost of the trip will be shown in the results and it’s based on the fares and prices provided by the operators that integrate Meep. Some of them are estimates. Estimates are useful but do not offer any guarantee. The final price may vary due the operator’s fare structure. If the trip is composed by several modes of transport, the cost will be the sum of the different costs of the brackets provided by the operators. We are not associated with the transport operators, so we ask you to check our operator’s fares structure and information.

How to request a journey

There are two ways of getting to your destination: 1. If your current position doesn’t appear automatically, turn on your GPS location in your phone and it will show in the origin box. 2. If you want to enter a different origin, tap the “x” in the origin box and enter your origin and destination . 3. Click the curved arrow when is orange. 4. Shortcuts are provided when tapping the plus bottom if only you have introduced your favorite places. 5. Use the slider at the bottom to compare the results of each category. You can see the different trips on the map and their ETA’s and prices. 6. Tap “Purchase Journey” to request a journey. 7. Find your preferred mode nearby and the available options. 8. Depending on the mode you need to click “Purchase”, “Request”, “Book” or “Rent”. For each one you will proceed as always: get on the bus, go where the moto is parked or wait for the driver to pick you up!

Payment options

Your app accepts all the cards available in our platform (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal). You can introduce your credit/debit card details in the Method of Payment section of the menu or at after clicking on the purchase bottom on the selected route.




You can change your payment method before and during a trip. When the trip ends, you can check the payment used with the last 4 digits of your card number on the trip summary that we will provide you on the Journeys section of the menu.

End the journey

Your trip ends when you arrive at your destination and/or exit the last mode before reaching your destination. Each mode has its own way of ending the journey. Please, check the operator’s policy on how to end the journey.

Refund policy

If you have concerns about the service that we have provided you, let us know here. We are not providing transport services. Note that you may be redirected the operator’s refund policy in the cases that your complaint has to do with the transport service. Please be aware that if events outside the operator’s control (such as traffic or road construction) impact your service, we may not be able to provide any refund.

Understanding the icons

Meep displays different icons on the app that represent all the modes available in the city.



Meep app is currently available in the following languages: • English • Spanish • Portuguese Your app uses the language of your phone. We can also answer any doubts you might have in those languages. Contact us: info@meep.me



Registration, create a Meep account

To enjoy the whole Meep experience, we will ask you to register in with a valid email address and a phone number. You’ll also need to create a password and agree to the terms and conditions and our privacy statement. You can use Meep without a method of payment but to carry transactions, you will need to introduce a valid method of payment. To access to your profile, tap on “Go to my profile inside the menu.

Notifications and alerts

If you don’t want emails from us, please unsubscribe in the following link. We will send you transactional emails, including journeys receipts and support answers, that you will not be able to unsubscribe. The notifications of the app could be managed from the settings of your phone in the home screen. Turning off the Meep’s notifications may result in not receiving important messages and pop-ups in your app and the performance could be affected.

Privacy and safety

Meep’s privacy policy describes the information that we collect from the use of the app. You can take a look here. This policy is applicable to all the users of our services and the operator’s services. For your safety, never provide the following information: • Phone number • Phone number verification code • Password • Method of payment details We will only ask for the above info, if you contacted us first.

Receipt and invoice

When a journey ends, you will get a receipt in the “Journeys” section of the menu and in your inbox if you want to. You can review previous routes in the “Journeys” section. Please note that Meep does not provide transportation invoices and you can always ask us for the invoice of the ended journey and the operator’s will send it to you.

How does the SOS option work?

The SOS bottoms of the menu and journey planner trigger a real-time Safety Emergency Alert to Meep. You will automatically contact the local authorities in the rare event of an emergency or incident during the use of Meep. Once triggered, Meep will be able to share live your GPS location and you will get immediate assistance. The availability of the emergency services depends on many factors that Meep cannot control: your current location, emergency services work and emergency services’ response time. Meep cannot held liable for any damage, prejudice or expense, produced directly or indirectly by the use of this functionality.

Involved in an accident?

In Meep we are concerned about your safety. If you were in an accident, please make sure that everyone is safe. Notify police and paramedics if necessary. You can also write us here. Alternatively, you can tap the SOS bottom.

Account issues

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, do this: 1. Select Contact us from the menu. 2. Reset your password on your Profile of the menu 3. Create a new password If your account is deactivated, please check the terms of service and contact us. If you want to delete your account, we’ll deactivate it for you but may keep your account info as outlined in the Meep Privacy Policy.

Journey Planner


How does the search work?

To get directions from A (From/Origin/A) to B (To/Destination/B), use the journey planner in the upper part of the app. Your app will immediately locate you when you grant us access to your GPS position. Your GPS location will be your default origin but you can change it. To change the default origin, enter the new origin of the journey in “From”. You need to introduce your destination by clicking “To”. The destination you are looking for will be shown in the results of the search. Please, be as accurate as possible when typing the places to get the best results. When you find your destination, tap the curved arrow when is orange. You can also select your origin and destination by selecting a point in the map. The prolonged tap will provide you different options for that selected point in the map.

How does booking in advance work?

You can plan your trips in advance and we recommend you to do it for certain high-demand modes (ferries, shuttles…). Tap on the plus and after you will see options under the curved arrow. Under the options bottom you can choose to leave now or later. Set the time that fits your schedule. After you tap on the orange curved arrow, you can choose the possible routes available and book your trip in advance by clicking on “Book your journey. We will notify you when it’s time to leave to your destination and we will provide you with the necessary tickets for completing the journey.


In your search results, Meep will include an estimate of all the taxes and charges that must be paid. We display prices on behalf of transport operators so we don’t influence prices at all. Because transportation prices and availability change constantly, we will inform you when you are purchasing a ticket with dynamic pricing (on-demand and sharing modes of transportation). Dynamic pricing will apply when the final price is subject to variables that are changing over time.



Real-time bar

The real-time bar is a column that appears on the left side of your app during the journey to help you. You will get step-by-step directions throughout your journey. That real-time bar will guide along your trip synchronized with the route shown on the map.

It will display all the transfers that you need to make to get to your destination and it will provide you the tickets or codes when you are close to get in the vehicle, bus, bike or station. You can cancel your journey in any given time by clicking on the red cross of the real-time bar. Any delays that might affect your journey will be shown in the real-time bar and Meep will automatically reassign you the best diversion for your current journey.

GPS location

Our services rely on the GPS location of your phone. We ask you to turn on the Wi-Fi services, even if you are not connected to a network because Meep will work better.

Cancel the journey

You can always cancel your journey by clicking in this bottom:

1. Cancel bottom in the real-time bar.
2. Cancel bottom on the menu under “On the Go!”.
3. In some sharing modes, you will receive a pop-up on your app that allows you to cancel the rental.

Cancel Trip

Before cancelling a trip, we recommend you to check the operator’s cancellation policy.  If the journey is provided by more than one operator, you should check all of the policies. Cancellation fees may apply. If you believe you were charged a cancellation fee incorrectly, contact us.

Lost & Found

We cannot guarantee that you are going to recover a lost item but the best way to retrieve an item you may have left in an operator’s vehicle is to contact directly the operator. You can: • Send us an email and we will send you more details.



Reporting bugs

We are constantly improving the app and its features to provide you the best possible service. Your help and feedback is extremely important to us, so we ask that you let us know if you encounter a problem with the app, technical or otherwise.




Unfortunately, Meep is not available in every city. The resources available of the cities that we operate can change from city to city. They are a useful pack of tools to help you move around and explore the city as a local. We want to create a bridge between you and our contacts in the city by bringing additional resources in the field of: parking, entertainment, culture, nightlife and tourism. All of the services provided have their own policies that you might be interested in. Check city resources policies. Please, take into consideration that all of the additional resources provided are secondary for our main activity which is mobility services.


Meep can display the real-time traffic in the city. While we always anticipate accuracy, we cannot guarantee it since the traffic data is provided to us from third party sources.

Doubts with the use of a transport operator

Operator’s terms of service

Meep is a mobility search engine. We don’t provide transport services. All the queries related to the following issues: • Booking confirmations • Pick-up and drop-off locations • Schedules and deviations information • Changes to a booking you’ve already made • Cancellations and refunds • Pre-payment, payment, luggage, seating or identification questions • Problems completing a booking • Operator-related information We can only pass you through to your chosen operator, if you explain to us your situation.

hicabs (MT)

Under the transportation options with the icon, Meep is offering a ride-hailing service provided by hicabs company. You will request their services in the same way that you normally do for other operators (learn more at How to request a journey) and you can also know more at www.hicabs.com.mt or contact them at (+356) 2137 2137

In order to use hicabs service, you will need to introduce a will need to introduce a valid method of payment at MyMeep in the section Payment Methods and follow all the steps. When you add a new card, we immediately charge one euro to verify the identity and veracity of the card and once verified, we repaid the euro in your account.

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