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Mobility is one of the major challenges in cities due to the increase in urban population (60% of the population will live in cities by 2030) and the consequences of the use of private cars as the main means of transport: traffic congestion, environmental pollution and loss of urban space in the city.

Smart cities all over the world are committing to more connected, sustainable and efficient mobility with strategies that put citizens at the centre of the transport system to save time and costs on their journeys.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) removes the burden of car ownership by acting as an enabler in the mobility market. It consists of extending citizens’ travel options, combining traditional transport (public transport, metro, taxi…) with new micromobility options (car sharing, motorbikes, bicycles, scooters…) for each journey from a single platform.

What does Meep’s multimodal mobility app offer?

Meep connects public and private transport in the same city to make it available to its citizens from a single application.

Our solution promotes an efficient, multimodal and sustainable approach to mobility in order to develop more connected, enjoyable, and accessible cities.

Route Planner and service location

Our algorithm is able to combine the different available transport options, all tailored to the requirements of the city’s residents and visitors, and according to the needs of each individual city. Features of the system:

The integration of public transport services
• The integration of on-demand transport services, shared travel, or micro-mobility
Information on other operators and services such as car parks, charging points or tourist attractions

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Booking, validation and payment system

The app integrates and enables the different booking and payment options available from mobility operators and integrated services, in such a way that all transport options and associated services can be booked and paid for at the same time and on the same online platform. Features:

Multiple payment systems
Digitisation of tickets, season tickets, and cards of all integrated transport networks

Meepath: Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

MeePath is a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics tool that provides real-time information to local authorities to facilitate data-driven decision making and offer a better mobility service, thus creating more attractive, efficient, sustainable, and connected cities.

Transport demand performance and predictive demand models
• Identifying behavioral patterns
• Areas with the highest traffic flow, most frequent routes., origin/destination networks…
• Location of multimodal hubs


5 countries and more than 20 cities rely on our multimodal platform.

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