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In the 21st century, the environmental health of the main tourist cities is suffering. The consequences of the use of private transport as the main transport method is leading to an exorbitant increase in pollution and environmental impact.

Studies show that 29% of greenhouse gases in the US are emitted by transportation. Reducing this impact is vital, not only for our environment but also for our health.

Would you like to be an environmentally responsible tourist?

In the following article, we provide you some tips to modify your lifestyle when visiting other cities. 



Keys to sustainable tourism


Sustainable travel is possible, follow our tips!

1. To reach your destination


Take the train!

It produces less environmental pollution as it is shared by a greater number of travelers and emits less CO2. Therefore, it’s time to leave behind the plane, boat or car trips and enjoy the romanticism of train travel!

If you absolutely must travel by plane, choose:

  • Flights with lower CO2 emissions from among those available. In the flight search engines, you can access this option.
  • Direct flights, without stopovers, because airplanes use more fuel on take-off and landing.



2. At your destination


Fewer private transfers and more shared ones. Use public transportation for medium and long distances:


  • Take the bus, commuter train or subway.
  • Make use of electric bicycles and the trails suitable for such use while respecting pedestrians. Many cities offer tour guide services in this way, being a way to meet people. Who said that sustainability and fun can’t go together?


Use our Meep route planner and choose the modes that best suits your needs. This app has all the possible combinations of transport in your city, it is able to combine the best route with bus, train, subway, bike, scooter, cab or carpooling.


3. Walk


Reduces hypertension, increases vitamin D levels, burns fat and improves your cholesterol. The environment will thank you, and so will your health!


4. If you finally opt for a private vehicle


If you have no choice to use private transport, follow these recommendations:


  • Switch to electric vehicles and, if possible, use an electric recharging network.
  • Share it with people who make the same journey. In this way you will help the environment and your pocket.
  • Drive at moderate speed using the appropriate gears and the climate control system wisely keeping the passenger compartment at a constant temperature of 22 degrees.



Viajar de forma sostenible



Other aspects of sustainable travel


There are other important aspects to consider when traveling sustainably:

1. Visit your favorite city in low season.


There are many advantages to traveling in mid or low season. If you travel in these dates, you will contribute to minimize the affluence that there is nowadays in many of the tourist cities in the highest seasons of the tourist sector, and you will also change the perspective of these places, having the opportunity to know and enjoy the views of the most emblematic sites without so many people around you, getting the perfect photo for Instagram!

Another advantage for your pocket can be the amount of discounts that you will find in these holiday periods both in visits to monuments, booking accommodation or when choosing transportation to move around the city or travel to the destination.


viajar en temporada baja



2. Opt for eco-friendly accommodations


Traveling in a sustainable way is not only considered an added value in the hospitality and tourism sector, but it is also necessary to help our environment.

Many hotels are opting for eco-friendly accommodations to reduce their impact, so it won’t be difficult for you to find an accommodation that supports sustainability without sacrificing comfort.

Some of the eco-friendly actions that these accommodations incorporate to make it easier for their guests to travel sustainably include:

  • Prioritizing organic food
  • Installing energy-saving light bulbs
  • Abandoning mono-doses in hygiene products
  • Bicycle rental service
  • Charging points for electric cars



hospedajes eco-friendly



3. Cooperate with local businesses


You can ask either the reception team of your accommodation or any local for recommendations on markets or traditional restaurants, in this way, you are helping to small businesses and you will also have the advantage of tasting the gastronomic culture of the city you are visiting by choosing products grown by the locals themselves.

When buying souvenirs, it can be a good option to contribute to the artisan stalls of the area, the merit of this practice is that your gift will be much more exclusive and originating from the place and on the other hand, you will be helping to preserve the cultural heritage.


4. Be considerate of the local culture


We all like our city to be treated well, so wherever you go it is vital that you value and respect the customs of the locals, and take care of their city as if you were in your own home.

It is important to:

  • Use water in moderation.
  • Respect the nature and landscapes of the territory when you go for a walk.
  • Make efficient use of local energy.


viajar de forma sostenible


If we want to take advantage of today’s tourism, don’t forget to try to follow these principles and values, share these tips with your friends and family! We are clear that the future of mobility has to be sustainable. If you want to know more about how to move in a sustainable way do not hesitate to contact Meep and read our blog articles, together we will achieve a greener mobility in our cities!



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