Blog 10 points explaining why 2022 was the year of Meep | Meep

1. We consolidate our value proposition at different levels


We continue to grow with the development of solutions for connected mobility for major players such as Alsa, with Mobi4U, and with the recent award of a contract for Aena Mobility. 



By 2023, we expect to be in 20 cities with Alsa and in Madrid and Barcelona for Aena customers. Our solution, aligned with market needs, makes the value proposition valid for transport operators and other companies.


2. We start working in Mexico


Connected mobility also has a place in other markets. Flecha Amarilla becomes our first client in Latin America and we land in Mexico with a project that positions our multimodal route planner as one of the most advanced in the market.


3. Our data platform, MeePath, is emancipated, winning two contracts


MeePath, our data analysis and prediction platform with which operators, public entities and other stakeholders can understand mobility from a global and interconnected perspective, has been used this year in two cities for two fleet prediction and optimization projects: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with Sitycleta and in Istanbul for sea cab services.

MeePath, will also be the tool used at the national level for one of the PERTEs of the Electric and Connected Vehicle.


4. We are a key player in the MaaS projects that have been carried out in Spain


Both ZUM (Zaragoza Urban Mobility), project, led by the Zaragoza City Council and Avanza, and the MaaS solution Meep Sevilla by Globalvia, are positioned as perfect scenarios for other administrations and operators to see the value of platforms that create digital mobility ecosystems. 



Both projects are examples of public-private partnerships to improve the city’s mobility ecosystem by promoting sustainable modes of transportation and building on existing infrastructure. 


5.We are increasing our network of partners and companies that believe in connected mobility


Bolt, the Metropolitan Consortium of Seville, Dott, Reby, RideMovi Superpedestrian, Bird, Park4dis, LetMePark, Tier… are some of the mobility operators that have joined our platform this year. We already have more than 120 integrated operators! 


6. Winners of several awards


We had the privilege of collecting awards in different events, such as the winning solution in the category “promoting sustainable mobility” of the “Good Practices Recognition Awards Emission Reduction 2022” organized by Alcobendas Hub, or the award received at the Touratech Startup Fest organized by the Tourism Innovation Summit 2022, as a solution to improve tourist experiences through mobility.  


7. We continue to provide information and improve the business mobility ecosystem


Since the beginning of the year, we set out to share our knowledge, experience and learnings with the development of new white papers and success stories in Spanish and English, which help to improve the understanding of connected mobility and smart mobility, as well as with Meep’s participation in courses such as the Disrupting MaaS MOOC. Mobility as a Service course.

We organized the first Meep webinar: “Challenges and opportunities in the implementation of a MaaS (Mobility as a Service)”, which was attended by decision makers of connected mobility from Alsa, Avanza, Metro de Sevilla and Alcobendas City Council. 



And not only that!  We have also had the opportunity to receive different guests at our “Mobility Brunch”, a meeting with the most relevant actors in mobility and innovation to share visions, analyze industry trends and study possible synergies. 



8.We grow as a company and as a community


Transforming the mobility sector with the aim of making better cities is a challenge that requires a great team. 

This year, not only are we more to face this challenge, but we have organized new initiatives to grow and be more united as a team: the Summer offsite 2022, Breakfasts with the CEO, internal workshops… 



But in addition to our colleagues, there are our clients, collaborators and our entire virtual community that closely follows Meep’s growth and the dissemination of the above points. We already have more than 10,000 followers on LinkedIn!


9. Record year of participation in tenders, events and working groups


This year that we are leaving, we have made an effort to attend all those tenders, RFPs, events and working groups that were aimed at changing the current mobility for a more sustainable one. After more than 40 events, we found that our mission is aligned with the sustainable development goals and with the industry trend of increasing efficiency with the transversal obligation to be more sustainable.



10. Because we don’t settle


2022 shows us that no one has as much potential to change today’s mobility as we do. But also, that there is much to be done to continue creating a more sustainable world by improving the quality of life in cities. 

For that reason, our ambition is to keep improving and anticipating; as for example, with the post that our CEO and co-founder Guillermo Campoamor has prepared: “The 5 mobility predictions of 2023”.

Let’s keep going!