Authorities and public transport operators

Access to safe, sustainable and efficient public transport is essential in order to reduce private car use and improve the quality of life in cities. This challenge has been heightened by declining demand and a loss of passenger confidence.

The future lies in the digital transformation of transport to enable better planning of routes and timetables, as well as optimising user experience through digital payment.

In order to promote the use of public transport as the backbone of multimodal mobility, Meep allows citizens to make the most of the existing mobility offer by adapting their needs to the current system.


Konrad Pule
General Manager at Malta Public Transport

Konrad Pule – General Manager at Malta Public Transport: “Tallinja app has improved our transport accessibility making transportation more attractive to citizens and tourists. This has been shown in an increase of 22% in the services of Malta Public Transport”.

What does Meep’s multimodal mobility app offer?

Our Mobility as a Service (MaaS) applications combine different modes of transport on a single platform to create a cohesive and frictionless mobility ecosystem, reduce the cost of urban travel and increase passenger numbers through more efficient connections that improve multimodal accessibility and encourage public transport.

Route planner

Public transport has the potential to reinvent itself as a more competitive alternative to the private car through more personalised, efficient, and flexible routes that will encourage people to use it, thanks to Meep’s multimodal planner. Features:

Integration of public transport services: Real-time information regarding stations and stops, timetables, ticket top-up and purchasing, mobile ticketing, validation…
Intermodal public transport: Connecting public transport with on-demand transport services and new micro-mobility options all on the same platform

rutas transporte público

Payment system

The possibility of booking and paying for journeys on the same platform, combining different mobility options, helps the passengers to make the most of the existing transport services and increases the accessibility of public transport as the central pillar of multimodal mobility. Features:

Flexible fare system with transfer options
Payment system: The integration of several payment systems allows payment through different methods such as credit card, QR codes, EMV…
Validation: Integration with the operator’s CRM and with the fare system via API

MeePath: Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

MeePath is a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics tool that integrates mobility solutions and Smart Cities services to transform data into valuable information, helping public transport authorities and operators to be more efficient and profitable. Features:

Route optimisation: geolocation and heat maps, areas with more or less activity…
Fleet management with real-time information
• The integration and management of mobility data
• The location of infrastructure, as well as intermodality data management

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