Authorities and public transport operators

Access to safe, sustainable and efficient public transport is essential in order to reduce private car use and improve the quality of life in cities. This challenge has been heightened by declining demand and a loss of passenger confidence.

The future lies in the digital transformation of transport to enable better planning of routes and timetables, as well as optimising user experience through digital payment.

In order to promote the use of public transport as the backbone of multimodal mobility, Meep allows citizens to make the most of the existing mobility offer by adapting their needs to the current system.


Konrad Pule
General Manager at Malta Public Transport

Konrad Pule – General Manager at Malta Public Transport: “Tallinja app has improved our transport accessibility making transportation more attractive to citizens and tourists. This has been shown in an increase of 22% in the services of Malta Public Transport”.

What does Meep’s multimodal mobility app offer?

Our Mobility as a Service (MaaS) applications combine different modes of transport on a single platform to create a cohesive and frictionless mobility ecosystem, reduce the cost of urban travel and increase passenger numbers through more efficient connections that improve multimodal accessibility and encourage public transport.

Route planner

Automated and flexible routes give public transport the opportunity to reinvent itself as a more competitive alternative to private cars.

Our multimodal planner gives users access to routes tailored to their preferences to reach their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Includes:
Real-time public transport information
It gives you the option to plan, book and pay for journeys by combining different modes of transport.
A ready-to-use platform that is quick to customise.

Integrated payment platform

Our platform increases user accessibility to public transport by allowing users to book and pay for all the necessary means of transport for a journey in one place at no additional cost. Includes:
Validation: pre- and post-payment QR code, integration with operator’s CRM and tariff scheme via API.
Flexible booking system: configured with the integration of the ticketing system.
Payment system: integration with various payment gateways allows for different transaction handling modes.
Post-sales management: with centralised help system for users. Incidents handled with each operator.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Full access to the user’s journey allows transit agencies to provide a better service. To this end, we have developed MeePath, an AI software that:

Manages operational and user experience data.
Turns data into business intelligence using geo-localised metrics.
Facilitates evidence-based decision making taking into account all urban mobility.

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